Learn-English.Org Skills

It is important for English learners to develop competence in all four skills if they hope to master the language! Learn-English.Org makes it easy to practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Learn-English.Org offers a variety of English listening practice activities. Simply click on the Listening skill, and select a topic. Next, click the Play button to listen to the text, and fill in the blanks. Finally, click Submit to check your answers!


It’s easy to practice speaking with Learn-English.Org! Simply click on the Speaking skill, and then choose a topic from the list. You can then click the microphone button to start speaking, and the computer will listen, analyze your speech, and give feedback on whether your words were comprehensible.


Learn-English.Org offers a wide range of Reading texts relating to a range of different topics and interests. Following each reading text, there is a vocabulary and grammar practice section, after which the learner can view their feedback and score.


Learn-English.Org provides a variety of Writing prompts for students to respond to, and helps them to practice writing within a specific time limit or word limit. After a student submits a written text, spelling and grammar errors will automatically be displayed, so students can gain valuable feedback on how to improve their writing.